Out of the blocks

I’ve set up this website as a place where I can post articles, research findings, ideas and other miscellany broadly related to my research.

It’ll contain a mixture of updates on active projects, comment on findings and on other people’s research, ideas too nebulous to be suitable for publication elsewhere, and anything else that seems vaguely relevant or interesting.

And I’m going to try to keep most of my posts short. No more than 250 words each. This is for three good reasons:

  1. Longer research reports and papers are available elsewhere, and I will publish links for those interested in digging deeper;
  2. I like the digestible, pithy style of blogs like Seth Goddin’s, which manages to be interesting and thought-provoking without making big demands on time-starved readers;
  3. I’d rather post regularly, and short posts will make this more realistic.

Thanks for reading – hope you stick around!

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